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An amazing class. Looking back I think this is better than any programming class I've had. Amazing teacher + amazing platform + well structured course = Success!

Max Cervantes

I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. This course is so good!! Absolutely no fluff. The quality and completeness of the course material is matched only by the instructors commitment to your education.

Russell John-Baptiste
Yodle | USA

The method used works surprisingly well , no one is left behind, the instructor was very clear exposing the concepts and spotted my mistakes very quickly suggesting solutions. I now feel confident in exploring Scala further on my own.

Delcio Gomes
United Kingdom

This was a fast-paced course, but the information and exercises were bite-sized to help learn things quickly.I really enjoyed this course and hope I get a chance to do some Scala development in the future.

Scott S.

A great course, covering many of the basics of Scala including OOP and FP concepts. Loved the online delivery in consumable chunks and with close supervision: the tools and format were very effective.

Kean Walmsley

The course layout is great. It's nice not having to go through hours of installation, instead the course has built in IDE.

RedBrick Health | United States

Course was excellent! with examples that evolved over the learning experience, with sessions that went further to test if the lessons where understood, that helped me allot!
The tutor is flexible to deep dive into specific topic, which compliments both a beginner and advance programmer.


It was very dense and fast --which is what I was looking for. The best part is it dove straight into the language and didn't waste time teaching basic programming or basic object-oriented concepts. Immediately reinforcing new concepts with blackboard exercises was very helpful.

Alex Toth
United States

Absolutely digestable and easy to understand with lots of examples and practice. Very nice interactive repl.

Lajos Benk

Excellent course. It not only covers the diversity of Scala constructs but also provides practical experience in apply these. David is a very knowledgeable, articulate and keeps the class alive with a good sense of humour.

Richard Sargeant
Queensland University of Technology | Australia

The course was really well structured and well placed. A really good intro to Scala and what I can see is the beauty of it. This is a good course for someone who wants to get into Scala.

United Kingdom

Great course - learned a lot.

Jamie Phillips
I.M.S. | Ireland

Great course. I would highly recommend it.

Carlos Fierro

It is a great course to introduce you to the syntax and workings of Scala. I am an experienced Java developer, and so maybe it was easier for me. Doing the exercises as you go is great as a way of learning. Its even better if you can recap after every lesson, ready for the next day. The course tutor is helpful. So all in all good.

United Kingdom

This course is awesome. Thanks for providing this awesome course. Clear explanations, good examples.
I must say that if you really want to grow in your career in Scala, go with this training.
We get step by step explanation. This is an amazing course and provides a great learning opportunity. Very Good presentation.


Very good course with lots of examples.

Charles Durai

Great online course and good content, good tools for simulating a classroom too.

Ayo Ojerinola
Aotechnology Ltd | United Kingdom

Fantastic innovative method of teaching Scala.

Pramod K Parnati
BigFish Consulting Group | United States

A fast-paced, in-depth course about Scala programming language. I learned a lot about Scala and the different constructs you can utilize in it.

Michael Andrews
Sumo Logic, Inc. | USA

Excellent Materials, Great Teacher!

Clyde Lingenfelter

Covered all topics of Scala I am pretty confident with it , I highly recommend this course and look forward for any new training courses from Scala Academy.

Sri Tummala
Citi | United Kingdom

A broad coverage of topics and practical application of concepts. An approach that prompts you to think and apply the topic just discussed. Following the course I feel I'm more confident in applying Scala in solving a programming problem.

James King
iCode | UK

Great course. Would recommend this to not only people new to Scala but also to people who want to strengthen their existing knowledge.
There are other courses that cover "How to in Scala" and may introduce language concepts when necessary. "Pragmatic Scala" covers the core Scala concepts, gives examples and does it well.

Valdis Adamsons

The Instructor was very knowledgeable, and the class structure was well prepared and structured to maximize learning. Having the instructor online vs. a recorded video is a great advantage. I would recommend this class to any developer. I will that Scala-Academy offered intermediate and advanced Scala classes in the same format, as well as Akka and Spark.

Milton B. Hernandez

This was one of those "short and sweet" courses on Scala. Very effective in ramping up with Scala and be productive.

Sambit Mishra

This was one of those "short and sweet" courses on Scala. Very effective in ramping up with Scala and be productive.

Sambit Mishra

This is a fantastic course, well thought through, and ideally suited to those with a limited Java background. The lessons were clearly set out, the teacher is very knowledgeable and the platform is easy to use. I'll shortly be putting my new skills to use in a production environment.

Dominic Orme
World First

After attending this Course I got all the concepts clear. It's a great way to start in the Scala Path: all the exercises were very helpful to understand and learn the concepts - there is no better way to learn than doing.

Luis Diaz-Sendel

Good class, intense, and gets you exposed to a lot of Scala features and idiosyncrasies.

The exercises are well organized, typically you can do them as long as you're paying attention even if you haven't mastered the syntax yet or fully grasped the concept.

We will be using this class as part of our company standard Scala training.

Alex Yankelevich

Great course! Very helpful to see new information presented in a way that provides ideas on how it could be used. I would definitely recommend this course.

Lindy Williams

It is a great course, which covers all essential syntax of scala for a quick start.
Instructor explains the material very clearly, as well as shows examples, and afterwards gives practical exercises, during which he is able to help quickly.

Olga Zaharova

A great dive into Scala. The course covers language syntax in a short amount of time. Instructor also shows some tricks and use cases and guides through the exercises real-time.


A fantastic course. I found the structure and content of the course ideal for learning the basics of Scala. Having a real live instructor was a huge benefit especially when completing the exercises so I could get instant feedback and ask questions. I loved the format and delivery it was extremely effective. I also really liked how the course dives straight into Scala code from the ground up and avoids the usual longwinded history of Scala. I definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to learn Scala. Excellent!

Kingsley Hendrickse

Interesting course to do. Good start in the Scala language. I am also very satisfied with the material and the technical environment of this course David is a good teacher and very approachable for questions.

Rob Schuurman
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