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“Pragmatic Scala” 10 Day Scala Course

The Course Includes:
Live Coding

The course is composed of practical exercises which you solve by live coding during the course.

Instant feedback

The instructor sees your code while you type. He gives suggestions, makes corrections, and answers your questions during the course.

Great for Java developers

The course is particularly tailored for programmers already familiar with Java.

T he course is instructed in the ScalaAcademy's proprietary eLearning platform.

You have an editor where you complete your solution. You see the shared board, where the instructor explains the exercise. And you can run your solution to the exercise in the console.

The instructor sees you solving the problem in real-time so he can comment and help you with it.

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Simple Steps:

The course is structured in understandable easy progressive steps so you don't get "lost".

No previous knowledge of Scala is required. We start from zero.

While being accessible, the course also introduces you to most of the advanced topics you need when programming Scala daily.

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Attendance certificate:

After completing the course you receive an attendance certificate* of the course.

* - To receive the certificate you must actively participate at least in 5 days of the course and provide your full name; date of birth; and nationality.

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