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The course layout is great. It's nice not having to go through hours of installation, instead the course has built in IDE.


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The pragmatic scala course from Scala Academy is something that lives up to what the course title says - "pragmatic". For developers who have previous experience with other programming languages like Java or Python and wish to be able to read and write Scala code beyond "hello world", it is the course that you need.

Compared to the "Functional Programming Principles in Scala" from Coursera, it doesn't talk much about theory of the functional programming language, but more focuses on the syntax, features of the Scala language. It is a fast track to mastering Scala language.

There are several features that I like to point out:

1) Different from other online classes, this course is fully interactive. The instructor (David) teaches the course through conference call, and the course website is so interactive that the instructor can know your code in real time. You can ask questions like the traditional course taught in classroom.

2) Since the course takes pragmatic approach, it is packed with exercise in the online editor and the feedback of your coding is real time from both editor and the instructor. If you like learning by doing, this is the right course for you. I benefit from this approach a lot from this course.

3) I like the way the instructor used to introduce some language features like case class, Option etc. For example, in the case of case class, the instructor starts from the normal class in which methods like copy, apply, and companion object are needed, then the case class is introduced as a way to provide all those by the language.

All in all, I would say this is really cool course that is worth to take. It is fast paced than any courses that I have taken before, so if you consider to take it, please be prepared for the intellectual challenge. The challenge is always good, since in this case, it turns out that you become a Scala developer.


A great course, covering many of the basics of Scala including OOP and FP concepts. Loved the online delivery in consumable chunks and with close supervision: the tools and format were very effective.

Kean Walmsley


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